Crypto mining ico

Swiss Insurance Giant AXA Becomes First to Accept Bitcoin Payments for Premiums

BTC Donations Spike After Moscow Airport Arrest for Russian Opposition Leader, Alexey Navalny

Canadian Firm Files for New Bitcoin ETF Application; Gemini to Become Fund's Sub-Custodian

Poolin Debuts an ERC-20 Token to Contribute into the choices DeFi Ecosystem, Featuring a Yield Farming Protocol

Latest Nvidia RTX 3060 Graphic Card Update 'Mistakenly' Allows Users to Mine Ethereum (ETH)

Israeli Startup Launches Tool That Allows Users To Reverse ETH Transitions

Ethereum’s Scalability Issues Will Be Eliminated with ETH; GAS Fees On the Rise

Vitaik Buterin Shares His Long Term Vision For Ethereum Network And The Upcoming ETH

Zcash Unveils ‘Halo Arc’ Product Suite Update, Adding More Security & Privacy to the Protocol

Dogecoin CEO, Elon Musk, Leapfrogs Jeff Bezos to Become the World’s Richest Person

Crypto Catch Up Event to Feature Teeka Tiwari’s Top Crypto Picks

MakerDAO Community Approves the choices First Tokenized ‘Real Assets’ As DAI Stablecoins Collateral

Bitbond STO – First of its Kind German Security Token Offering

Real-Estate Giant That Owns World’s Tallest Building Burj Khalifa Plans an ICO

The Money Circle Platform, FundChain AZ Token Public Sale Starts From 1st March 2019

Make Your Stand At The Sigmaico Battle

Independent Auditing Firm Confirms Tether's USDT Reserves Are Fully Backed

Linux Foundation Unveils A Blockchain-Based Platform For American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS)

French Outfit Lugh Rolls The First Euro-Backed Stablecoin Using Tezos Blockchain

Chinese Digital Yuan Rolled Out In Another Test Pilot in Chengdu; $8 Million in DCEP

Global Decentralized Advertising Exchange.

The all-in-one cryptocurrency trading atmosphere.

One of the most anticipated token crowd income is coming this May. BGX – a multi-useful economic platform on the way to bring the complete economic system of cellular games into the choices age of decentralized.

The experience layer of the decentralized net. Cardstack is an open-supply framework and consensus protocol that makes blockchains usable and scalable for the mass market.

Seele is powered through an up-scalable Neural Consensus protocol for excessive throughput concurrency among big scale heterogeneous nodes and is capable of form a completely unique heterogeneous forest multi-chain.

third Generation Blockchain – Decentralized AI blockchain

Kairos is an synthetic intelligence agency focusing on face reputation.

World's First Blockchain Protocol for Content Creation.

The first pass-chain lending platform for the choices crypto economy. Lendingblock is an open alternate for cryptocurrency loans, wherein debtors and creditors are instantly matched in easy.

Blockchain-based totally decentralized gadget learning protocol.

Secure Communication-Centric Blockchain. Skrumble Network gives global get entry to to a secure communique device that permits person privacy and records possession, multi functional location.

Operating on blockchain generation, Sentinel Protocol harnesses collective cyber security intelligence to defend crypto belongings against hackers, scams and fraud.

The blockchain platform for typical registration, identification validation, audit, and coordination of A.I. agents and autonomous software.

EdenChain is a block-chain platform technology which could capitalize and change all styles of property with the programmable Economy Platform era.

Building Health Nexus: the choices healthcare-secure blockchain protocol.

Next-generation messaging protocol, using the choices power of the choices NEO blockchain. Decentralized, speedy and steady.

The first native multi-chain device that supports EVM in the international. Making big-scale block-chain packages possible.

The best cellular virtual ID, confirmed on the choices blockchain. It works the choices manner companies need for security, privacy, & constantly-on fraud protection.

The Insureum Protocol uses blockchain to create a decentralized ecosystem that connects insurers, their policyholders, and third parties

Essentia is a masternoded multi-chained set of protocols connecting centralized and decentralized assets to create new effective interactions and reviews

DACC is the arena’s first content material-based totally blockchain that functions identification and get entry to management (IAM) at the infrastructure level.

The SDT (special drawing token) operated through Alchemint task is to begin with a clever contract platform on NEO (a blockchain network might be one at a time mounted later).

FANTOM is the sector’s first DAG primarily based smart contract platform that solves the difficulty of scalability and affirmation time of the present blockchain technology.

Emotiq is a effective, decentralized blockchain with Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus, scaling via sharding, and natural language clever contracts.

Airbloc is a decentralized and transparent ad statistics buying and selling community primarily based on blockchain.

Trust – is an exceedingly speedy and secure Ethereum wallet constructed comfortably of use in thoughts.

The Next Generation Distributed Smart Network Blockchain for the Sharing Economy.

An incentivized, Blockchain Based, Open Gaming Platform.

Codex Protocol is an industry sponsored decentralized title registry for Art & Collectibles.

DREP is a decentralised atmosphere based totally on Blockchain generation which empowers numerous Internet systems to quantify and monetise recognition price.

Semi-stable digital money for the blockchain-powered economy.

Blockchain-based totally virtual voting solution for governments and companies.

DEX on NEO blockchain. NEX is a platform for complicated decentralized cryptographic change and charge carrier creation.

Bulleon isn’t simply some other digital asset service, it will likely be a product mixture with a big amount of excessive professional hard work enter.

CryptoCurve might be the sector’s blockchain front-cease solutions leader and a preeminent international idea chief in the blockchain enterprise.

Making the unexpectedly developing blockchain industry a more secure vicinity through making facts safety open and on hand to all users.

A Blockchain-based Advanced TCP/IP Architecture Providing Constant Connectivity for Dynamic Networks.

Directly connecting businesses and purchasers, Review.Network transforms the way agencies do marketplace studies.

DAEX is an open and decentralized clearing and agreement environment for all cryptocurrency exchanges.

108 Token presents a diverse, low-value and simplified exposure to the burgeoning asset class of cryptocurrencies.

The Smart Economy Workforce of the choices Neo Blockchain.

LendChain is a dispensed digital asset economic services.

Wemark is the choices blockchain-based totally marketplace for digital content.

GAMB is a self-ruled and decentralized ecosystem for e-commerce.

FarmaTrust is a international monitoring gadget which offers protection to the pharmaceutical businesses.

The Koios Project is constructing a decentralized platform for developing, connecting and ingesting AI and Data Applications

Quadrant is a blockchain-primarily based protocol that enables the access, creation, and distribution of information services and products with authenticity and provenance at its middle.

Free, open-source, open-get right of entry to platform for decentralized insurance.

Decentralized Location Data Market.

0xcert is an open supply, permission-less protocol for validating the choices existence, authenticity and possession of specific virtual belongings on the choices blockchain.

Blockchain Dispute Resolution Layer that gives speedy, stable and less costly arbitration for honestly the entirety.

Mandala is a progressive cryptocurrency alternate aiming to disrupt the current marketplace.

A next-technology video sharing platform designed to liberate Creators and gain Viewers.

INCX – A country of the choices art, ultra-scalable, simple, secure and compliant Crypto Exchange.

Decentralized Portfolio and Asset management Platform for all of us.

Intiva Health is an integrative profession platform that uses decentralized era to offer the quickest, maximum steady clinical network to date.

A blockchain-primarily based platform for online shops that integrates AI, atomic swaps & customizable VR to transform the Ecommerce enterprise.

Carry makes personal records fair for clients, marketers and merchants

BitScreener is constructing a monetary records environment that unifies the area of cryptos and stocks in a single platform.

The destiny of cyber chance detection powered with the aid of cyber safety professionals and the choices EOS Blockchain, placing organizations one step in advance of the hackers.

COTI is a payments transaction community supported with the aid of a native digital forex.

Sparkster is empowering you to bring your thoughts to truth with the aid of permitting you to construct software with out writing code.

The international's first software development platform built on microservices that's blockchain oriented.

RightMesh is the arena’s first software program-primarily based, advert hoc mobile mesh networking platform and protocol the use of blockchain generation and MESH tokens to electricity increase.

Business fee chains are witnessing an inescapable shift closer to completely virtual transactions.

Global Blockchain-Backed Loans Marketplace ICO.

Utrum is a community that connects Crypto Investors, Novices, Developers and Crypto Analysts. We are fixing the choices Cryptocurrency Trust issues thru Crowd Wisdom, AI and Blockchain.

SKYFchain is the first B2R (Business-to-Robots) blockchain based totally operating platform. This personal blockchain machine provides impartial stable information-alternate.

NRM platform imparting ultimate possibilities for handling your crypto assets and exchanging information about the world of cryptocurrency among depended on assets.

The World's First Self-Sustainable eSports Platform Powered through NEO.

Ternio makes it smooth to confirm users, immediately pay publishers, and shield advertisers from advert fraud.

The next technology decentralized Blockchain fog APP development platform.

Tutellus is the first decentralized and tokenized platform in the Spanish-speaking world, that will pay users for getting to know, based on the choices NEM Blockchain.

4th Generation Relational Blockchain

DAOstack is a whole operating device for decentralized coordination, built on the Ethereum blockchain.

MoneyToken offers crypto-backed loans, stablecoin MTC and a decentralized alternate provider.

Decentralised KYC community that seeks to bridge the choices compliance hole between the real and digital worlds.

A decentralised protocol for pass border payments and credit score scoring empowered through Stellar and Ethereum.

The Decentralized Ecosystem for Self-employed.

A decentralized payment platform permitting the choices advent of sturdy programs.

Peer-to-peer lending platform that offers on the spot cash advances against cryptocurrency collateral.

Revolutionizing travel with a sharing financial system powered through blockchain.

The World's First HTML5 Blockchain Engine and Platform.

DataBroker DAO is the choices first market to promote & buy sensor records.

MeetnGreetMe is a marketplace where global travelers can discover non-public assistants/concierges amongst neighborhood humans.

Opiria & PDATA is a international decentralized market for the choices steady and transparent shopping for and selling of private statistics, made in Germany.

In the choices Internet, rewards and creativity had been decoupled for long. This is specially proper for independent content creators and freelancers.

The vicinity-verifying proof of beginning protocol that connects the choices blockchain to the real international.

A blockchain network with home routers and public hotspots across the World growing a shortcut among advertisers and their audience.

A decentralized and token incentivized protocol for the subsequent technology social networks. A decentralized and token incentivized protocol for the subsequent era social networks.

World's biggest blockchain enabled virtual genome repository.

The Abyss is a subsequent generation digital distribution platform, handing over all kinds of video games (incl. AAA-titles) to the short-growing global sport network.

The future of stock buying and selling on the choices blockchain

First authorized school of blockchain improvement.

A decentralized lending atmosphere that allows open get right of entry to to credit score anywhere and anytime based totally on the Ethereum blockchain.

DAV is a blockchain-based totally transportation platform which allows automobiles to discover, communicate and transact with one another the usage of DAV tokens

HYCON is the digital asset constructed on top of a quicker and greater scalable blockchain developed by the choices Infinity Project crew.

The first unified framework for blockchain based totally enterprise integration.

World's largest blockchain enabled digital genome repository. Powering the subsequent era of genomics via blockchain technology – defensive identity, personalising healthcare, reworking lives.

Cashback & Loyalty Points in Cryptocurrency

A P2P Decentralized Poker Platform Built on Ethereum

AI-driven and blockchain-based totally cognitive commerce platform.

Transparent contracts. Drastically decreased overhead fees. And instantaneous payments. Facilitated via Grain’s blockchain solution.

Bonds on Blockchain. Issue and Invest in Fixed Income Assets with Crypto.

Fast developing car statistics accumulating ecosystem on the blockchain.

The premium terminal for crypto.

Mobile gaming Steam Store for Southeast Asia, with an in-built Kickstarter for sport builders and virtual objects market.

Innovative trading and schooling platform for leveraging the disruptive technologies emerging from the blockchain area.

Merculet is created to steer the choices transformation of turning the choices information-based totally internet into the choices cost-primarily based internet.

Pioneering project to revolutionise eCommerce using blockchain technologies & ecosystems to address demanding situations around fraud, identity theft, supply chain & extra.

BunnyToken is a charge solution for the $103 billion adult enterprise which will replace traditional payment methods for grownup tube websites, webcam systems, sex stores, courting offerings and people.

Effect.AI is a decentralized platform for Artificial Intelligence.

Full-carrier, global, computerized, supply chain platform with an integrated cryptocurrency payment machine utilizing blockchain.

The AdSigma Token (ADSi) is a application token with which advertisers should purchase virtual show advertisement on web/app homes, and publishers can monetize their apps/web sites using AdSigma platform.

The world's first cryptocurrency for charitable giving and right causes.

Solve.Care platform makes use of blockchain technology to reduce the choices considerable worldwide scientific and IT machine costs related to our cutting-edge healthcare gadget.

A mineable multi-chain protocol for stable coins, decentralized exchanges, and meta contracts.

The Thrive Labs Team is launching a progressive Premium Decentralized Advertising Marketplace that breaks up Google’s AdWords monopoly.

The international’s first decentralized investment trading market for cryptocurrencies

Repux is a platform where company and consumer records may be exchanged between distinct parties and consequently monetized.

BitGuild is a decentralized gaming platform built on the choices blockchain.

Nexo – The World’s First Instant Crypto Overdrafts. Powered by using Credissimo – A Leading FinTech Group serving millions of human beings throughout Europe for over 10 years.

Creating the choices economic backbone for decentralized streaming. Stream is a new decentralized blockchain-based totally token that allows livestreamers to easily and anonymously take delivery of payments.

4NEW is the sector’s first eco-friendly, tangible, Waste to Energy blockchain answer with disruptive, exponential and concrete ramifications

Intelligent Surveillance System for Consumers Powered via Fog of Miners

Smart Contract Powered Retirement Plans. Auctus is the arena's first blockchain based totally retirement plan platform.

A social media network that rewards content creators, moderators, and anybody who definitely affects the choices nice of content material on the choices community. 85% of all revenue is shipped to customers.

A decentralized network for Internet of Things (IoT) powered by a privateness-centric blockchain.

Decentralized AR/VR surroundings for 3-D content exchange.

A decentralized video platform powered by the choices blockchain and peer-to-peer video sharing.

Friendz is a tool that lets multinational groups contain a network of customers on social networks for marketing purposes.

Independent Auditing Firm Confirms Tether's USDT Reserves Are Fully Backed

Swiss Insurance Giant AXA Becomes First to Accept Bitcoin Payments for Premiums

Linux Foundation Unveils A Blockchain-Based Platform For American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS)

Zcash Unveils ‘Halo Arc’ Product Suite Update, Adding More Security & Privacy to the choices Protocol

Leading US Bitcoin Miner Riot Blockchain To Acquire Rival Whinstone For $651 Million

French Outfit Lugh Rolls The First Euro-Backed Stablecoin Using Tezos Blockchain

Latest Nvidia RTX 3060 Graphic Card Update 'Mistakenly' Allows Users to Mine Ethereum (ETH)

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Independent Auditing Firm Confirms Tether's USDT Reserves Are Fully Backed

Swiss Insurance Giant AXA Becomes First to Accept Bitcoin Payments for Premiums

Linux Foundation Unveils A Blockchain-Based Platform For American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS)

Zcash Unveils ‘Halo Arc’ Product Suite Update, Adding More Security & Privacy to the choices Protocol

Leading US Bitcoin Miner Riot Blockchain To Acquire Rival Whinstone For $651 Million